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Wellington Property Inspections have been serving the region for 10 years and are able to offer homebuyers and existing homeowners a comprehensive Property Inspection service for the best price in Wellington. We are committed to delivering high standards of reporting, and our reports are comprehensive and detailed. Our well trained and experienced quantity surveyors will complete the inspection effectively and efficiently.

​We aim to carry out your inspection within 48 hours and email the report to you as soon as possible after this. Reports include full-colour digital photographs of any problematic areas of the property, non-invasive moisture tests at various points within the building and details of any work that the inspector considers does not comply with the Building Code.

pre purchase property inspection

Property Inspection Report

Pre-purchase or pre-sale inspections that are easy to follow but highly detailed. Our Builder's reports are held in high regard by home buyers.

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Healthy Homes Standards Inspection Report

Landlords, if you want to rent out your property it must be up to NZ standards (Heating, Insulation, Ventilation, Moisture ingress and drainage). We will provide you with a certificate stating your property is up to standard or let you know what you need to do to become compliant with the new regulations. 


Leaky Homes Inspection Report

A more in-depth inspection is recommended for properties with: 

  • Monolithic cladding 

  • Internal gutter systems

  • Weather-tightness issues

  • Moisture issues

  • Mould issues

  • Houses/buildings built in late 1980 to 2004

  • Dux Quest plumbing

  • Issues relating to retaining walls, ground slope, roof/wall intersection/eaves width, deck design etc.

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Aerial Drone Inspection

Our latest technology camera drones can examine any roof, commercial or residential, any height, difficult sites are our speciality.


Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging detects issues associated with insulation, leaks, mould and moisture among other things. Thermal imaging inspections alert you to any hidden faults or problem areas in your home.

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Meth Testing

Inhabiting a property with high levels of meth contamination can be a serious health hazard. Contamination can be caused by individuals using or cooking methamphetamine on a property. If you are concerned, please get in touch with us to arrange a meth test. 

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